What is a Hand-Knotted Rug?

Often referred to as "Oriental Rug", is an original piece of art used as a functional floor covering, and decorative element in a room setting. Hand-knotted rugs are woven/knotted of combination of natural fibers of Wool, Silk, and Cotton. Quality of hand-knotted rug is measured by several elements. The density and quality of the wool, or other natural fibers is the most important element. Number of knots and ply of the yarn used in weaving the rug, and quality of workmanship and clarity of the design are other elements to consider when buying a rug. Typically they are made in Iran (Persia), India, China, Pakistan, Turkey, Afghanistan, Russia, Romania, Egypt, and Nepal. Country of origin is not as much a factor in quality  of a rug. All countires produce variety of hand-knotted rugs, however some have more clout than others.

Hand-knotted rugs are compromised of two main groups; either flat-woven, or pile.

  • Flat-woven rugs, horizontal and vertical threads are interwoven together to form the pattern. Dhurry, Kilim, Soumak, Chainstich, Needlepoint, and Aubusson Weave are different types of Flat-woven rugs.

  • Pile rugs, strands of yarn are tied in a special knot and wrapped around the foundation (wrap) to create the pattern.

Hand-knotted rugs have enchanted and fascinated consumers throughout the world for centuries. The patterns have been handed down for generations. When stripped of age old mystique of magic carpets, they are one of the few products made of all natural products still existing today in our high-tech fast paced lifestyle. Start your own collection TODAY!

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