Hickory Rug Restoration's Pictures - Photographs on this page are updated periodically. This is to encourage our customers to have hope in refurbishment of their rugs. Some of the most common repairs that are brought to us:

  • Damaged corners, fringe, of edge bind chewed by family pets.
  • Disintegration of  area due to age, or dry rot caused most often by house plant being placed on the rug and watered, or spills not removed from the rug.
  • Fringe combed excessively which causes the fiber to breakdown and develop "split ends".
  • Worn fringe in random areas due lack of rotation to ease traffic pattern.
  • Moth damage due to lack of vacuuming in areas under skirted upholstered furniture and beds.
  • Please visit our "Rug Unviversity " page for detailed rug care and general care and cleaning instructions.

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